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Step 1: Can You Sign-in?

CINC (or ViewAllTucsonHomes/ is your pre-built agent website complete with marketing campaigns, home-searches, and Contact Relationship Manager (CRM), so you can easily keep in touch and stay top-of-mind with your clients.   


You'll receive an automated email to create your password and the link to sign-in.

NOTE: Check your spam, if you need it resent email 


Step 2: Get the App

Download the "CINC Agent" app to get the most out of your CRM:


Step 3: Watch the Trainings

Start the video training below, each video's OBJECTIVES will be displayed


CINC Basics



✓ Logging Notes

✓ Creating/Editing Saved Searches

 Sending and Receive Texts/Emails

Tips for Success

  1. Speed to Lead is KEY! Call new prospects within the first 5 minutes of registration.

  2. Stay Organized! Add notes and update the pipeline stage for each lead when necessary.

  3. Make Follow-up Easy by setting reminders for leads you have contacted.

  4. Make Sure to Send the Right Properties by editing a lead's saved search.

  5. Download the CINC Agent App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Best Practices for Lead Conversion


 Reminders and Follow Up

✓ Understanding "P" saved filters for Prospecting

✓ Understanding "F" saved filters for Follow-Up

Tips for Success

  1. Spend 60 Min. Prospecting daily

You can follow the LEAD GUIDE below:

Automated Marketing

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